Still Have Questions?

  • Are the followers real?
    • Yes. We don’t buy any followers or likes. There are no random, or fake followers, we only target users that are interested in quality content your page has to offer. See “How exactly do you grow accounts” below for more info.
  • Is the growth service safe on my account?
    • Yes, the account activity is completely normal and doesn’t abuse any Instagram features. We have never had any Instagram accounts get flagged or banned from using our growth service.
  • How exactly do you grow accounts?
    • We automate the engagement process with other accounts based on hashtags and usernames you give us, and in return, after gaining their attention, many genuine accounts will choose to follow you and engage with your Instagram content.
  • Do I have to worry about getting blacklisted?
    • No. Blacklisting comes from abusing hashtags and using the same ones in every post. It can also be driven by using too many hashtags per post. Following, unfollowing and liking other account’s content is safe.
  • How often do I need to update my targeting?
    • Typically, if you target 15 accounts and 15 hashtags, you’ll very rarely need to change them. Every 6 months should be fine. Because the accounts you’re targeting are always growing their followers as well, and many will have hundreds of thousands or millions of real followers for us to interact with.
  • Issues with 2-factor authentication?
    • Please let us know as soon as possible if you’ve received a verification email from Instagram asking to confirm this activity. Once we have this confirmation we’ll be able to proceed with account setup and resume engaging with your target audience

Please check out our FAQs

  • Do I prevent the service from unfollowing certain accounts?
    • Yes, just give us the usernames you want to whitelist at and our growth team will make sure that those use accounts remain intact.
  • Do all accounts get the same results?
    • No. That’s because these are real Instagram followers. But it’s OK, most accounts get similar performance. Focus on delivering top quality images, videos and slideshows to attract new and retain existing audience of your account. Please feel free to read our blog about creating the¬†highest quality and diverse content. Lastly, Some accounts that are new will need to be started at a slower pace to ensure growth rate isn’t too fast for Instagram but our team will handle it for you.
  • Am I on a contract after signing up?
    • No. Your service will automatically continue. But, can be canceled at any time. If for some reason you are not getting any followers because of our service after several days, Please reach out to our marketing team and we’ll refund you the money for the days missed
  • Is there a way for me to manage my account or a login?
    • No. We handle it all for you! You don’t need to do any of the work once service is started – no download or complicated settings to tweak around and optimize. We’ll automatically optimize your account growth speed, targeting and more on a regular basis. However, if you want to change targeting, add accounts to interact with, change whitelist and more, simply email us.
  • I signed up, but my account is growing too slowly. Can I speed it up?
    • Yes. This can be caused by younger accounts. But we can fix it – Just email us at Viral Instagram Growth takes time and a strong marketing team to achieve these days. You really need to know exactly what to do to prevent wasting days or even months on posting, liking and following accounts that aren’t engaging back.


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