7 Game-Changing Tools to Amplify Digital Reach

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There are hundreds of different tools available to help marketers scale content efforts quickly, test and figure out which ones work best for their specific marketing strategy. In the existing crowded digital marketing space, it is very time consuming to sift through all the noise and find legitimate software that is actually effective. After trying a fare share of different tools to gain exposure and elevate content promotion on my own, I’ve decided to put together a starter pack for people who want to save test time, money and resources.


  • Facebook Ads – This content promotion tool is tried and true because of the numerous different target audiences that you can go after. However, what I like most, is for those of you who are just starting out, there is an option for ‘boost post’. Facebook is also releasing several new features that will show you how well a specific post is doing and if you need to keep boosting it. Other platforms, such as Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, can also promote your content, but that will depend on where your target audience is located.


  • BuzzSumo – An excellent tool to check keywords and their engagement on other platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Pinterest. Simply type in a keyword related to your article and it will show you other articles that have done well in the past within a certain time frame of your choosing. This tool also allows you view the bloggers and influencers who have shared those articles in the past, making it easy for you to reach out to proven leads and promote your content. You can also view the domain authority, page authority, or follower count of each of the entities that shared articles with that specific keyword.


  • MeetEdgar – Is a social media scheduling tool to help you grow your following and consequently, website traffic. This software allows you to set up a queue of automated content that never runs out because the queue auto-refills from your library of saved updates. This tool can be used in tandem with Buffer, another social media scheduling tool that helps you post and track performance of your content. The biggest difference between these schedule-posting tools is that Edgar recycles the content automatically so you never run out of content to post. I recommend doing further research before choosing the correct tool for you, or use both simultaneously to see which tool benefits your content more.


  • Ahrefs – This tool is mainly for doing competitive analysis, however, it can help you improve your search traffic and monitor your niche. It has the capability for you to enter your competitor’s URL, see who is linking to them, and in turn, helps you find out why your competition may be ranking higher than you. You will be able to see what needs to be done to outrank your competition and subsequently increase traffic to your website. After some analysis, you’ll be able to reach out to many of the websites or blog owners that are currently linked to your competitors for the opportunity to convince them to link to your articles instead. This tool has a multitude of features such as search for keywords, content and backlinks, in addition to rank tracking and competitive analysis.


  • IFTTT – Essentially, this tool enables you to accomplish more with the services you are already using such a Slack, Dropbox or Google docs. It will allow you to eliminate manual tasks and publish your content much faster and on more than one platform, almost simultaneously. This is an effective way to introduce your content to other blogging or social platforms automatically, because it features the capability to combine workflow and activate multiple services at the same time. A similar tool that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows is Zapier. To get an idea of how this tool works, you’ll be able to set a chain reaction when you receive a new email, that will then get copied as an attachment to your Dropbox. Once this occurs, an alert is sent to your team on Slack about the new Dropbox file.


  • Sniply – Allows you to enhance every single link that you share and track how your audience is engaging with those links (e.g conversion rates, link clicks and more). It generates a ‘call-to-action’ link in any article that you share that may bring people to your website and enable you to track the progress through analytics provided by Sniply.


  • KissMetrics – Lets you understand what people are doing on your website and deliver behavior-based emails to engage with them. This product was designed to help marketers and product teams increase their conversions, engagement and retention. This will ultimately increase your content exposure. If you’re just starting out, this service is relatively expensive. However, there are similar tools such as Hotjar or CrazyEgg that will allow you to achieve similar results at a lower price point.
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